Different kind of wastes are generated in society needs to be treated in proper way, which can be a challenge to a company or municipality. We at Watrec have been recognizing these challenges for over a 15 years. Continuously innovating we have created better and efficient solutions to our clients. We understand that one solution does not fit to every case and therefore we must approach every project individually. This way of thinking has enabled us to operate in multiple industries and to design the optimal solution to every customer. Reliable and robust biogas plant can ease your everyday business and provide economic advantage!


Biogas converts waste into profits. At a biogas plant, organic waste fractions from municipalities, industries, and agriculture can be treated to generate renewable energy and organic fertilisers by utilising stable and efficient technology. Per Watrec’s values, we aim to find the best possible solution for our customers, always taking into account the customer needs. By planning together, we can design and build a stable biogas plant, which utilises proven technology. This way, we can ensure a cost-efficient and successful investment.



At a biogas plant, waste can be turned into renewable energy and to profits. Meanwhile solving our clients’ waste-related problems, we are able to produce extra revenue streams. Watrec’s state-of-art technology allows converting waste into valuable resources that can provide a competitive advantage.


Without proper treatment organic waste causes greenhouse gas emissions. Watrec’s biogas technology will reduce these emissions significantly. While managing the waste problem for the client, we produce clean energy and therefore mitigate the climate change and reduce emissions to the environment.


Biogas process is an efficient way to generate extra revenue from organic waste. Our flexible solutions and services allows to combine multiple feed materials and to scale the capacity to meet the customer needs. We can also help to enhance the efficiency of a biogas plant’s operation.


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