To utilise a biogas plant up to its maximum potential, it is useful to examine the need for new process solutions or solutions for optimising the operation. Watrec has an extensive experience on developing efficient treatment process as well as on operating plants. Through the obtained experience and knowledge, Watrec is able to design solutions to modernise and enhance existing biogas plants. Together with the customer, we can find the most suitable solution that produces win-win situation.



Watrec has a long experience in designing, building, and operating biogas plants. We have a great deal of knowledge from the everyday operation of the plants, and therefore we are able to consider the operational challenges in our design works. Our comprehensive service line includes everything from plant modernisation to maintenance as well as operational service.


Design and deliver

It is advised to analyse the processes and the operation of the plants continuously and to develop the performance of the plant according to the needs. The needs might vary from adding a new sub-process or modernising an old process. Watrec’s analytic approach guarantees to find the most efficient solution, which our team installs safely to the plant. We ensure a reliable and long-lasting profitable biogas plant.


Biogas plant’s processes needs to be monitored and analysed continuously, and if necessary, to develop the process. Watrec’s professional team can help you to achieve efficient plant by analysing and monitoring the process operation. By all this Watrec can ensure safe, profitable, and long-lasting biogas process operation.

Aftersales Service

Operation of the plant is essential when trying to maximise the utilisation rate of a biogas plant. By taking care of the operation and maintenance of a plant, the customer can receive a cost-efficient and profitable biogas investment. Watrec’s comprehensive Aftersales Service ensures reliable, long-lasting, and efficient biogas plant.



Our experts design the most suitable solution case by case. We take a look at the current situation and based on our conclusions, we design a solution together with the customer. We want to help the customer to find the best solution.

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