Watrec’s mindset is customer-oriented. We approach every project individually and analyse its unique needs. These requirements are being considered starting from permitting, and influencing on design, build-up phase, and operation.

Efficient and economic waste management requires strong technological knowledge. Watrec provides help and support, if you do not possess the know-how to design and build a waste treatment plant. Our team of experts designs a reliable plant, supervise installation and manage the commissioning. After the comissioning, we offer our support for the operation of the plant.


We at Watrec understand that one solution is not suitable for every customer. Therefore we design the solution individually case by case. With modern and proven technology, we can convert waste problems to valuable revenue streams. From the figure below, you can see how a biogas plant operates in practice.


Biogas plants

According to our values, we aim to find the best possible solution for our customers. To find the maximum benefit from waste treatment, we offer our extensive knowledge and practical experience in environmental science. By utilising our expertise, we aim for service and solutions that are ecological, economic and efficient.

Technology Delivery

Watrec offers innovative and reliable technological deliveries for all kinds of organic waste management projects, from small-scale agricultural plants to industrial-scale plants. We provide technological solutions to ease waste management and decentralise energy production in new plants, as well as to those projects which needs maintenance or modernisation.


Design works

Watrec designs the best solutions that fits to the customer’s needs. Our core competence lays in desgining of waste and wastewater treatment processes. Based on our design, the company itself of another EPC-contractor can build the plant.

Feasibility studies

Before making the final decision on waste treatment project, it is wise? to conduct a feasibility, or technical-economic, study to ensure a viable investment. Through analysis will help to prepare for unwanted situations, and thus ensure a profitable plant. Watrec has a long history of successful predictions and analysis work. Together with the technical knowledge and understanding of the business model, we can produce precise and exact numbers for the investment.

Project management

With Watrec, you do not have to worry about the progress of the project. Our team has lots of experience in project management, which ensures flexible management and stable project flow. Together we can plan the most suitable project schedule which our professionals will conduct.

3rd party review

Utilising of a third party review improves openness and trust between cooperators. Watrec’s 3rd party review service ensures the best possible solution for the customer. Our strong academic and comprehensive practical experience guarantees professional and high-quality expertise for the customer.


Our experts design the most suitable solution case by case. We take a look at the current situation and based on our conclusions, we design a solution together with the customer. We want to help the customer to find the best solution.

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