Five plants in five years


Rapidly growing network of biogas plants, and the biggest network in Finland – five plants in five years. This was enabled by Watrec’s customer-oriented service and flexible solutions.

The network of biogas plants, Biotehdas chain, contains 5 industrial-sized plants in Finland. Watrec played a huge role in the project, as the company was involved in designing and in construction of the plants.

Watrec carried out an intensive R&D-project to design a reliable and efficient biogas plant. This R&D project resulted in Watrec’s first turnkey project, VamBio. The plant was a success, as it was profitable biogas plant suitable for treatment of organic waste from municipalities, industries and agriculture.

  • Watrec was also involved as a financier and partner in the VamBio project, which ultimately enabled the whole project, describes Kaisa Suvilampi, who was the manager in the VamBio project and the CEO of Biotehdas chain.


Solution that can be replicated


The great experience Vampula Biogas Plant provided, laid the foundation on the strategic decision that VamBio Ltd. made: the target was to build a network of biogas plants to Finland. The goal was five plants in five years, which would lift the company as a market leader in biogas sector in Finland.

  • We aimed to a business model that is efficient and smart. Vampula Plant’s operation was viable after the first year, it was reliably to operate, and it had no odour emissions. This positive experience gave us the courage to decide on the next plant, Suvilampi tells.

To accelerate growth, Taaleri Ltd*A*A came along as an investor. The company wanted to invest into Finland’s best biogas producer. In this context, the Vambio changed its name to Biotehdas Ltd. From there, the network of biogas plants started its growth.


Every plant is different


Even though the network aimed into replication, every plant had to be designed according to the feed-in material the plant was planned to receive, and according to the location of the plant. Also, the end-product will have significance – will the plant produce electricity, or the product will be sold as pure gas, and in which form the minerals will be recycled back to the nature.

  • Watrec had an important role in this part. Their knowledge, and customer-oriented and flexible mode of operation enabled rapid growth in a challenging industry, says Kaisa Suvilampi.
  • Watrec’s reliable plants lived up to their name. We had no difficulties and challenges while commissioning the plants.

Gasum, a state-owned gas company, bought Biotehdas Ltd. in 2016. At the time, Biotehdas was the market leader in biogas production in Finland.

Waste management solution that brings reliability and functionality


Practical experience has proved Watrec’s solutions’ reliability and functionality in treatment of municipal solid waste and industries side streams. Honkajoki Biogas Plant was delivered to serve the needs of the municipality and the food industry. The plant enables a long-term cooperation which ensures reliable and consistent waste treatment for the clients.

A cost-efficient and futureproof waste management system


Watrec carried out a modern organic waste management solution to serve the needs of municipal parties, replacing obsolete technology. By utilizing its expertise and functional biogas facility concept, Watrec built a modern organic waste management solution that addresses the end customer’s current and future requirements.

Challenges of the rapid growth


2016 the plant faced a situation where it needed an expansion to the treatment capacity to be able to treat all the waste that was coming in. The capacity had to be tripled, which took the plant’s efficiency to a whole new level.

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