Watrec Ltd. has signed an EPC contract with Mäntsälän Biovoima Oy for a biogas plant delivery. A new generation biogas plant will be built in Mäntsälä, Southern part of Finland, which will have an initial processing capacity of 20 000 tonnes of organic waste annually, and a gas power of 2 MW. The produced biogas is processed and sold for transportation purposes through Nivos Oy gas grid. The location of the plant is strategically selected, and its purpose is to serve the entire Southern Finland waste market. The biogas plant’s estimated investment is € 11.5 million.


After lengthy negotiations, Mäntsälän Biovoima Oy decided to choose Watrec Ltd. as the plant supplier. The contract is in the form of EPC (Engineering-Procurement-Construction). A comprehensive list of reliable and robust biogas plant references and the company’s extensive technological capability were considered as the main strengths for Watrec Ltd. The construction project has started for Watrec Ltd. at the beginning of June 2019, and the estimated completion time of the project is spring 2020.


I am very proud that our company’s position as the leader of constructing biogas plants in Finland has maintained and is ever-strengthening”, CEO of Watrec Ltd., Juhani Suvilampi, describes. The plant that will be built to Mäntsälän Biovoima Oy will be the sixth plant that Watrec has constructed.


It’s a great thing that we’ve finally started the construction works in this long-lasting project. When choosing a contractor, we paid special attention to Watrec Ltd.’s references and in the long experience in the field. I believe that the well working cooperation with Watrec Ltd. continues and will allow both of us to reach a result that is in line with our goal.”, tells the CEO of Mäntsälän Biovoima Oy, Juha Vuorinen.


Watrec Ltd. has been operating in the biogas sector since 2003. For instance, the company has been implementing and constructing a biogas network for the Biotehdas Fund, which is now owned by Gasum Ltd. The Biotehdas network comprises of biogas plants built between 2009-2016 to Huittinen, Honkajoki, Kuopio, Riihimäki, and Oulu. These plants have reception lines for source separated biowaste, food industry waste, and sewage sludge. The plants treat in total over 300 000 tons of organic waste annually and produce over 20 MW of renewable energy. Also, Watrec Ltd.’s internationalisation has been active, and so far we have had several large-scale design projects.


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