In the picture, Watrec’s Export Sales Manager (on the left) is signing the contract with We Viet’s CEO Chau Phuoc Minh. On the left is standing the Finnish Ambassador of Vietnam Kari Kahiluoto and on the right is standing Councellor of Finnish Embassy Marko Saarinen from the Finnish Embassy in Hanoi. 

Finnish biogas technology company, Watrec Ltd., has signed a framework contract with Vietnamese waste management company. The framework contract concerns a major waste management project in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and launches a long-term strategic partnership between the companies. Long experience of building reliable plants and providing a comprehensive service were key factors that affected the selection of Watrec Ltd. The contract was signed between Watrec Ltd. and Vietnamese WE Viet Co. on Finnish Independence Day, 6.12.2018. The signing ceremony was held together with the Finnish Embassy’s Independence celebration in Hanoi.


Circular economy and efficient waste treatment are current topics in Vietnam. The amount of waste streams has been growing in the country for a long time and regrettably, a large part of the waste is still landfilled. With rising living standards, the demand for energy also grows annually. The Vietnamese Government has taken these concerns seriously, and now also individual cities have begun to take substantial steps towards cleaner energy production and more modern waste management. Under Decision 44/2018/QD-UBND dated November 14, 2018, of the municipal People’s Committee, waste collection and treatment will be considerably improved. After this decision, companies and other communities have started to work to ensure a more sustainable future.


Vietnamese waste management company, Waste to Electricity Vietnam Co. (WE Viet), has invested in a considerable waste management project, where municipal solid waste will be separated to individual fractions. The organic fraction will be delivered to the biogas process, and the rest of the waste will be transferred to the incineration process. The biogas plant will also receive other biodegradable fractions. The plant will treat 500 tons of waste daily. The framework contract signed by Watrec Ltd. and WE Viet co. concerns designing and delivering a solution for the organic fraction.


WE Viet chose Watrec as their partner for multiple reasons. WE Viet wanted reliable and proven technology to minimise their own risks. Watrec has over 15 years of experience in designing and delivering waste treatment solutions. Watrec has proved its technology’s reliability by building many industrial-sized biogas plants successfully. The plant in Vietnam will be Watrec’s first overseas plant. The design is scheduled to be ready in the second quarter of 2019, after which construction of the plant can begin.


Watrec Ltd. is a company specialised in biogas technology, with over 15 years of experience in developing and building solutions for organic waste management. In Finland, Watrec recently built a network of biogas plants. The network includes six biogas plants that manage a total of over 300.000 tonnes of waste per year and produce more than 20 MW of renewable energy per year as biogas.


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