Watrec Ltd starts-up a technical consultancy works related to large scale Waste-2-Energy project in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam in the beginning of February 2018. This project is the first technical consultancy works related to Waste-2-Energy projects in Vietnam. Consultancy works will be carried out in cooperation with private owned waste management company in HCMC. The purpose of the technical consultancy works is to provide technical as well as economical information of joint-treatment solution, where municipal solid waste (MSW) is received, separated, and treated together with additional organic feed materials. Separated organic fraction and additional organic waste streams will be treated in Watrec’s biogas plant. The treatment capacity of this biogas process is estimated to be 400 tn/d.

Also this project is excellent example of Watrec’s capability to provide solution and technical consultancy works for different kind of waste management projects. “As it has been mentioned earlier, Watrec is always aiming at to find optimum solutions for clients”, says Dr. Juhani Suvilampi, Managing Director of Watrec Ltd.

Watrec Ltd is Finnish renewable energy and environmental technology company focusing especially in biogas technology. Watrec is the market leader in Finland, with number of plants as well as with the total amount of organic waste treated in the biogas plants. The annual amount of organic waste treated in the Watrec’s biogas plants is 315,000 tn. Company is established in 2003.


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